s200 temperature controllers large
Temperature Controller S200


1.Back housing short-design for wiring.

2.Cool on price and hot performance.

3.PID-auto tuning for accurate control.

4.Simple structure and easy installation.

5.Manual and auto output.

6.Hot plugging design.



1. Power Supply:100~240VAC±10%, 50/60HZ

2. Display:2 * 4digits

3. Key:4 machinery keys

4. Accuracy:0.5%full scale (25℃)

5. Main Input:TC: J、K; RTD: Pt100

6. Main/Aux. Output:(Aux. output only for S200)

Relay:250V NO:7A / NC:5A

Digital. Voltage:DC24V/20mA

Analog volt.:0~10V,0~5V,1~5V

Analog current:0~20mA,4~20mA

7. Alarm1/2(Alarm2 only for S200):

Relay:250V NO:7A / NC:5A

Digital Voltage:DC24V/20mA

8. Function:Heating and cooling

9. Control Mode:ON/OFF, PID (Self-tuning)

10. Alarm Mode:8

11. Ambient:Temperature:0~55℃(32℉~130℉),Humidity:10%~80%(non-condensing)