Flex Band Heaters

Megawatt Heating Elements Flex band heaters are made from Zinc steel inner and a Stainless Steel outer, for long life protection with high grade mica insulation inside, also ensuring long life of your heater.

Its flexible construction means you can install the heater by opening it up and flexing it over the barrel of the machine, without damaging the heater.

Flex Band Heaters can be custom made to almost any size from 70mm diameter onwards up to 500mm long.

The most common applications are for the Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Film extrusion and Rigid type extruding machines. Special type Band Heaters that have holes to allow for Thermocouples or bolts can be made to your requirements.

Heaters can be made to customer requirements and terminations are from leads, screw terminals or 2 pin plugs. Megawatt Flex band heaters can have a continuous operating temperature from 250 - 300 degrees Celsius.

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